Preserve brings together health-enhancing practices from across the world that you experience, absorb, and take with you on your journey forward. ​

Essence of Preserve

Life is a gift. The most precious one. The incredible progress in science and medicine within just the last two generations has further enhanced worldwide human longevity. Healthspan vs Lifespan?

Air, Water, Earth, within a lifetime, our lifetime, have moved from being points of relative unconcern to becoming points of critical concern.

Stress has become universal – climatic, economic, demographic, political, personal – all impacting our health. ​

Current research has shown that whilst specific ailments can be addressed through specialized interventions, overall good health requires a holistic approach – one addressing the body, mind, and soul. The adage “Prevention is better than the Cure” holds more true today than ever before.​

At a global level, achieved corporates, individuals, families and communities are seeking and proactively pursuing sustainable good health, contentment, and happiness. Overall economic growth and higher disposable incomes have made this possible. And yet, the quandary on where to begin remains…

Why Preserve?

Preserve’s initiative for setting up a world class health center in the midst of endless rolling hills and soothing lakes and rivers, is to address the above growing concerns and to lead individuals to a state of holistic wellbeing.

We commit to walk with you, understand where you are and open for you a fascinating world of wellness, encompassing health-enhancing practices from across the world that you experience, absorb, and take with you on your journey forward. ​

Everyday, there is so much conflicting information being produced in the world on how to achieve optimum health. At Preserve, we meticulously pore over the latest developments in holistic health and research, finding those strategies that work and delivering them in a connected infrastructure through consultations, diagnostics, therapies, nutritional counseling, and social activities. Each person’s reality can be different from the next, so we choose from a wide variety of practices to individualize a program that best works for you.​

At Preserve, we have consciously created an environment that is nurturing to both humans and Mother Earth. One can begin on the path to nurture oneself only after we start to take care of the environment and achieve sustainability by reconnecting with nature.  ​



Preserve’s captivating campus is uniquely designed and brings together the best of nature and technology in order for it to be both life augmenting as well as self sufficient.

  • 1000 plus acres of wooded rolling hills
  • Miles of soothing lakes and rivers
  • 25 min drive from world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.
  • Eco friendly construction methodology aiming for a carbon neutral footprint.
  • Designed to achieve a U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum rating.
  • Digital detox areas and oxygen producing green walls​
  • Extensive walking, trekking, cycling, nature, and horse trails as well as intra-campus EV transportation. ​
  • In-house organic farming supported by modern greenhouse technology​
  • Environmentally integrated wellness homes
  • State of the art Spa, Fitness & Sports amenities, and Aquatic Center designed & equipped by global industry leaders, catering to prescribed individualized wellness exercise protocols. ​
  • Outdoor Yoga/Calisthenics platforms, and meditation pods. ​
  • A golf course
  • Multiple outdoor amphitheaters for community get-togethers & activities. ​
  • Infrastructure for wellness events & corporate off-sites blended with tailored Wellness programs.​
  • Avian themed plantations & facilities to support local bird population. ​
  • Petting Zoo, for the young at heart, and the heartful types!
  • State-of-the-art Wellness Cluster, incorporating a Central Indoor Arena, Experience & Knowledge Center, Consultation chambers, ultra-modern Diagnostic Center, world-tested protocol-themed therapy areas, farm-to-finger Nutrition Center, Wellness Library, Audio- Visual Theatre, Discussion-Centers, Social & Community venues, Primary Health Clinic, etc. ​


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