Culinary Medicine

A wellness coach creates an individualized diet plan based on culinary medicine to detox, heal and enhance gut health. This is critical for detoxification and balancing of the mind and body. Various ingredients are used to create personalized healing recipes and juices. Food is evaluated not only for its nutritional content but also for its healing properties.

All ingredients are organic and of the highest quality and most of them are produced on-site with a concept of Farm-to-Finger. The time from harvesting to consumption is minimal hence the freshest produce, vibrant with healing life force,  is served. The gourmet meals are not only healthy but are also a visual delight.

Healing Matrix

In the next step, a wellness coach designs customized healing therapies to support the detoxification and rejuvenation process. A daily prescription of these therapies is executed by specialists trained in these fields.

Movement Therapy

Current lifestyle habits are assessed, and an individualized program is created based on discussed goals. Highly trained specialists guide and support to practice this program correctly and safely. State of the art equipment is used to aid and enhance this experience.


A wellness program typically lasts for a minimum of 7 days, but can extend up to a couple of months. On completion of the program, individuals are evaluated and a wellness coach designs a sustainability program, that one can continue going forward. Encouragement and counseling are offered for a lifestyle change at home to sustain the benefits experienced during the program.